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Small Changes Can Make a Big Difference

We believe that small changes by lots of people can make a big difference. But being told what we should do rarely alters anyone’s behaviour. Children and adults alike need ...

End Waste, Start Saving

It’s no surprise that school energy bills are rising. Many factors contribute to the steady upward trend; extended school days require premises to be used for longer, old and inefficient ...

Watch Our Water

If your school’s in Yorkshire, the South West of England or the Midlands, you’ll probably be pleased to know that you’re no longer officially in a drought area. Despite record-breaking ...

Latest News

Our trial My Eco Schools

Smart metering is now installed at the first My Eco Schools.  Regular consumption and usage data updates are feeding through to our site from the loggers. We are very pleased to be working with East Peckham Primary School in Kent, Burghill Community Primary School in Hereford, Wimbledon Chase Primary in Wimbledon, and Dundonald Primary School [...]

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Buy Less, Drink More

You’ve probably been told not to cry over spilt milk at one time or another in your life. But have you ever considered the environmental impact of wasting milk too? ¬†Britons pour away 360,000 tonnes of milk each year which, according to a study by Dr David Reay at Edinburgh University, creates greenhouse gases equivalent [...]

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The Academies Show

We’re exhibiting for the first time at the Academies Show in Olympia on Wednesday 16th May. Come and see us on Stand 79a to find out how we can help your school to save energy and cut costs. The Academies Show is for headteachers, finance directors and bursars, governors, local authority education leaders and anyone [...]

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