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Buy Less, Drink More

You’ve probably been told not to cry over spilt milk at one time or another in your life. But have you ever considered the environmental impact of wasting milk too?  Britons pour away 360,000 tonnes of milk each year which, according to a study by Dr David Reay at Edinburgh University, creates greenhouse gases equivalent to 100,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide (that’s similar to the annual emissions  of 20,000 cars).

The study shows that the vast majority of milk waste is avoidable; we succumb to promotions that encourage us to buy too much, we serve too much and let too much go off. It also identifies agriculture as a major source of nitrogen oxide emissions.

Some commentators such as Lewis Page, writing in the Register,  have observed that with over 31 million cars alone on Britain’s roads in 2011, we should ‘pretty much ignore people’s diets and focus on their travel habits’.

However, it’s not an either or choice. We can do both. Cutting our food waste is a small step that we can all take to help reduce the greenhouse gasses that contribute to climate change. Perhaps its time we all bought less and consumed more.