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Our Service

The My Eco School service combines the latest smart meter technology with our data management expertise and understanding of how schools work. These skills and insights help us to create the information, tools and resources that will help schools to save energy.

The use of smart meters is fairly low in Britain today, but is predicted to become the norm in homes and the workplace by the end of the decade. My Eco School gives you the opportunity to take a leading position on energy saving, and enjoy lower bills for longer.

How My Eco School Works

1. Measure Usage

The My Eco School service starts with the installation of smart meters. These measure your use of utilities in real time, so that you can see exactly what you are using, when you use it, and what it costs you. Our smart meters continuously measure gas and electricity usage. Water meters, if you don’t already have one, must be fitted by your regional water company, which we are happy to help you to arrange. The information that your smart meters produce is used to create a live picture that allows staff and pupils to make direct connections between their habits and the school’s patterns of consumption.

Smart Meters report on your real time energy use. They are quick and easy to install with no disturbance to your existing meter arrangements

2. Build Understanding

At the heart of My Eco School is your school’s dedicated website. This is where we present your data in user-friendly reports. We know that the success of the service is not simply about providing quality data, but in making information accessible, understandable and motivating to your whole school community. To that end, the reports are highly visual.

A school website home page

3. Take Action

In addition to the reports, your school site gives you tools to help you to work together to set targets, motivate change, measure progress and celebrate success. It also contains a range of customisable learning resources to support your use of My Eco School in assemblies, through curriculum-based learning activities and a variety of student led-campaigns.

Launch My Eco School by following six simple steps

As with all things, the more people get involved, the easier it is to start making changes and savings. By its very nature, My Eco School gives pupils a high level of ownership of the campaigns, and monitoring and communication activities. Our aim is to create little extra work for staff whilst delivering the best possible results.

4. Monitor Progress

In your website you can see how well your school is doing on a regional and national basis, as well as in the context of your own historical data.

The school dashboard helps you to check your progress

You can also set up alerts that will reduce the cost of waste when irregular usage occurs out of hours. For example, if a pipe develops a leak, or the heating has been left on over half term.

6. Support

 We appreciate the many competing demands on teachers’ time, so have designed My Eco School to be easy to launch and maintain. The more people get involved, the easier it is to start making changes and savings. By its very nature, My Eco School gives pupils a high level of ownership of the energy saving activities and initiatives within your school.

As well as great online resources to support you, we also have real people to speak to on a dedicated helpline when you need some extra advice on your energy saving journey.