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My Eco School is a new kind of service for primary schools. It can help your school to reduce its carbon footprint, enrich learning and cut the cost of its utility bills.

Many pupils are rightly concerned about climate change but find it hard to see what they can do about it. Which is where the idea for My Eco School began.

My Eco School shows rather than tells your pupils and staff about they impact they have on energy and water consumption. Our smart meters and friendly reports enable them to see that small changes by lots of people really can make a big difference. Our online tools and learning materials help your school community to act on its understanding, and use essential resources more efficiently.

Schools have a unique role to play in changing the energy consumption behaviour of a generation, and a great deal to gain from doing so. Schools, like many organisations, tend to see energy costs as fixed. However, we all have much more control over these costs than we might think.

The average primary school energy bill in the UK is £32,000, and rising. The Carbon Trust estimates that most organisations can reduce their fuel bills by upto 20% simply by better managing their energy use and investing in cost effective measures. Even a 10% saving to current bills would be a significant sum for most schools to invest in other ways, such as further energy saving measures, additional learning resources, trips and excursions or new play equipment.

My Eco School is not a short project or time-limited campaign. It’s a permanent service that helps you to make lasting change, and achieve year-on-year savings. We believe that my My Eco School gives you the opportunity to change the energy consumption habits of a generation. And the benefits of that will extend way beyond school for us all.


Why use  My Eco School?

  • Save money on energy and water to spend on frontline education.
  • Inspire your pupils (and staff!) with rich, experience-based learning.
  • Meet the environmental objectives in your school development plan.
  • Improve the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Make changes to your school community’s behaviour sustainable.


 How does My Eco School Work?

Costs and Savings